Introducing Balzac, the Mascot of Boss Saga

Balzac mascot Boss Saga RPG boss fights

Balzac, like a lot of good things, was a happy accident.

Balzac is literally iconic.

Balzac icon enlarged

Who Is Balzac?

Balzac is a jolly fellow, but he’s intensely opinionated and is not an impartial observer. As you play the game, you will learn more about him. For now, he’ll remain an enigma.

Why Is His Name Balzac?

Some of you may know that HonorĂ© de Balzac was a renowned French author known for, among other things, his complex characters. I could claim that our mascot is a nod to that author and a reflection of the narrative complexity we intend to deliver. Indeed, we do intend to deliver memorable narratives with characters who have complex motivations. But — nah, we don’t know anything about that author. He has nothing to do with our game!

Boss Saga Crimson Knight Episode The Final Order Boss Battle
Balzac is an important story character who serves as your guide, but he also doubles as the selection cursor in menus. He’s versatile! (Please note that this is a beta screenshot; everything is subject to change.)

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