What Happens When the Boss Wins the Fight?

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Our Approach to Crafting an RPG Boss Fight

If making enjoyable boss fights were easy, nobody would ever complain about boring or badly designed boss fights in video games. There are infinite ways for things to go wrong and a finite number of ways for things to go right. In Boss Saga, the entire game is boss fights, except you play as the boss to defeat the heroes. So, you could accurately say we have our work cut out for us. But we’re doing the best we can, and today I’m going to talk about my general approach for crafting all the RPG boss fights in our game.

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The Games That Have Influenced Boss Saga

It won’t shock anyone to hear that we love video games and especially RPGs. It also won’t shock anyone to hear that some of those games are clear influences on Boss Saga. So today, I’m going to talk about a few of the games that have most inspired gameplay and narrative events across the development so far!

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Metal (Slime) Massacre – The Music of Boss Saga

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The Boss Channel Is Your TV Gateway to Other Worlds

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Introducing Balzac, the Mascot of Boss Saga

Balzac, like a lot of good things, was a happy accident.

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The Origins of Boss Saga

I first started working on the concept that would become Boss Saga in August 2017, or at least that’s the earliest I found any evidence for it on my PC without searching too hard.

Where the Concept for Boss Saga Came From

The idea to make Boss Saga was the culmination of several earlier, often odd influences. For one thing, I had spent years working on an adventure novel about monsters as the main characters, but I finally had to cut my losses and quit on it when I realized there was one major element that just wasn’t working properly. (I still hope to return to it and make it work someday.) Nonetheless, I continued to love the idea of a story about traditionally villainous characters being placed in situations that let them flaunt their power…

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